Call of Duty: Black Ops II New Release

Call of Duty: Black Ops II New Release Pre Launch

Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect
from the record-setting entertainment franchise,
Call of Duty: Black Ops II propels players into a near future,
21st Century Cold War, where technology and weapons
have converged to create a new generation of warfare.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II storyline features new characters
and returning characters.  It has unique single-player
campaign that contains two time periods lined by character
and their actions.  There is a Special Strike Force missions,
in which the players action affect the outcome of  gameplay
and the overall campaign.

There is also a variety of multiplayer modes and play options.

Take your Call of Dduty Black op II game to the next level.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

10 SEO Marketing Tips

Seo Marketing Tips are so hard to find. This video will help you in your search for the right
information need to rank with the Google search engine. Google demands good relevant content.
10 seo marketing tips will help you to meet Googles demands.

Proximity Marketing

What is Proximity Marketing? How does it work and is it INTRUSIVE?

Proximity Marketing is wireless transmission of an advertisement "file"
(Usually a really good offer) to cell phones (or any bluetooth or WiFi
in the local area of a business.

The transmission is picked up by cell phones that have bluetooth
The manufactures of Blackberry and Iphones block this
kind of transmission
even though they have their bluetooth turned
on. All other phones that has
their bluetooth activated will receive
an invitation to accept an offer. The
consumers bluetooth must
be activated before they can receive any content.

The consumer must accept the invitation before the content is
sent. They
can say "YES or "NO". If the consumer is concerned
about being pinged
everywhere they go, they can easily make
their phone "INVISIBLE" and
keep their bluetooth turned on
so their earpiece or other device will continue
working but they
will not receive any invitation or message from the merchant.

This feature is in every phone deployed with bluetooth.

I personally feel that an intrusion is something you cannot avoid.
Proximity Marketing the consumer has the choice of
receiving or rejecting
the offer being sent or totally blocking
all content and offers.

Most consumers (especially those on vacation) would want
the content sent
to them as it gives them all the news and
specials going on in the area they
are in. Why would I want
to buy pizza from Pizza Hut when just a few feet
from me
is Captain's House selling two pizzas for the price of one.

Once the user receives the file "Ad", they can re-send and
distribute the content
to other devices encouraging a viral
marketing behavior.

Let's talk a little about the Bluetooth device.

Many Bluetooth manufactures make claims how their
devices can reach
distances of 250m, 1km and up to 16

Here are some basics to understand so you will not be fooled.

There are three types of Bluetooth.

  • Class one (transmits up to 100m)

  • Class two (communicates up to 10m (most phones are class two)

  • Class three (rarely used and travels only short distance)
Important to know! A single Class One transmitter can only server
up to 7
connections simultaneously. In other words - with a class one
communication or download to 7 phones at once is
possible, where a three
transmitter is capable of communicating
with 21 phones. This is the Key to understanding effective Bluetooth


Start and Maintain an Online Business

home based online bu

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is contracting another company or
person to complete a task you yourself prefer not to do. Or do not
have time to do. Or don't know how to do. This is really good
business. Source it out.

A lot of people think doing it themselves is going to save them
money but that is not the case. How much money are you worth
per hour?

You can pay someone five or ten dollars to do a job that could
take you days to do. I have two great resources for you that can
save you a great deal of time and money. Every task is only five dollars. Every task is only five or ten dollars. This is just
a clone of Fiverr but very effective.

Want a good investment...domain for sale:

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Trade Blog Title for Post Title in Title Bar

Trade Title for Post

Is this a good idea you ask. Look at the before and after image below.
My blog name "SEO Marketing" would usually come first in the
Title Bar. This does not help SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the
keyword of my post is "Infopreneur Helpful Hints" which would
appear after my blog name.

This can be fixed very quickly.

When playing around in your HTML it is best to make a copy
and put it on a notepad just in case you make an error and
need to start over.

1-Click on your dashboard
2-Click "Settings"
3-Click "edit HTML"
4-Search for this tag <title><data:blog.pageTitle/
></title>about nine or ten lines down.
Replace it with <title><data:blog.pageName/></title>

Each time someone clicks on one of your post, the title
bar will show your post title instead of your blog name.

Soooo much better for the spider. This is an old technique
but yet still very effective.


The Process to Online Business

Most people who turn to the Internet to supplement their income
are unaware of the process of SEO Marketing and this is why they
usually fail. The first step to building an online business is patience.
It takes time and effort to go through "The Process."

Anyone can build a website with products to sell and call it an
online business. And then they get totally disillusioned when
they have not sold any product.

The reason they make no sales is because they started with
step # 1 (Find a Niche) and jumped to step # 10 (Looking
for traffic) and forgot to do all the in between stuff that makes
the difference.

10. You cannot sell anything on your site without traffic.

9. You cannot get traffic to your site unless you are on page #1
in the Google search engine.

8. You cannot be on page #1 without talking to the robots.

7. You cannot talk to the robots without (SEO) Search Engine

6. SEO is of no value if you are not indexed in the Google data base.

5. You cannot get indexed in the Google data base unless you are
linked to a site that is being crawled by the robot.

4. You cannot get linked to another site unless you have a site with
content of value.

3. You cannot have valued content unless your niche is in demand.

2. You cannot have a niche or topic in demand until you research
the niche or topic.

1. You cannot have an online business without a niche or topic.

My Point.

Find a valued topic or niche and climb step by step from 1 to 10.
Taking short cuts don't work. Be patient, it will come.

So whoever starts with choosing a topic or product and starts
looking for traffic just because they have a website is going to
starve to death.

Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection has the
opportunity to start an online business. Patience and
following the process is what will make it a success.
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This can happen to you.
My blog was disabled by because their automated system showed some false positives (as they so put it) and shut me down. Now here is the repercussions I suffered from their actions. I no longer existed anywhere. This means, I was knocked out of my "page one position" in the Google search engine, and I lost all my visitors. algorithms saw my blog as a spam blog and just shut me down. No warning, no announcement, no anything. has the right to do this as they do own my blog.

Of course I appealed it and they returned my blog to me but I just took a very big loss. Now I have to work at trying to get my blog back on page one in the Google search engine.

So my point here is, if you are going to monetize your blog, don’t depend on the income as it can be taken away from you in a flash.
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Custom Signature

Before I explain how to insert a custom signature I want to tell you where to get one.

Also this tutorial is only meant for users of Blogger. A couple of reasons why you would want a custom signature are keyword. 1st reason. Remember how we discussed your name as a keyword. Example: Google Images and Keywords . The alt tag in this signature image is your name. That makes it a keyword and your site will end up in the Google search if someone does a search on you. The 2nd reason, it sets you and your blog apart from others that try to hide who they really are. This builds trust.

Create a signature

1) Copy the image code

2) Go to your Blogger –Dashboard-Settings-Formatting

3) Scroll down to Post Template Box

4) Paste image code

This is a very easy method.
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Online Marketing

The other day I read an article, Do We Need Another Blog for Online Marketing?” written about a class I taught “Online Business”and "Online Marketing" at my computer club, TBCS (Tampa Bay Computer Society). The article stated, "many perhaps more than half, the participants were not experienced in the prerequisites of starting an online business.
Knowing how to use common browser functions.
Having a rough business plan.
Having a vague idea about common online marketing plays."

The article also stated, “there is a runway to getting off the ground and my students were still in the hanger.”

I'm not saying these are false statements, I'm saying I realize (as it was stated) the information is too advanced for a newbie.

My blog (Seo Marketing) probably is too advanced for a newbie as well. What I need is some input from you to help me, help you.

Should I go back to the beginning and give more info for the newbie or should I continue for those who already have an online business and just need to keep up with the changing times of the WWW?

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Trouble with Twitter

The Trouble With Twitter is people don't understand enough of
the pros and cons of -Twitter. Lets start with "What is Twitter,"
a few Pros and Cons, and a little bit about the lingo.

The Wikipedia definition is:
Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service
that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known
as tweets.

Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length
which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to
other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers).

Here's some news. The New York Times’ Twitter accounts got
Hacked in the early part of May. I guess this would be part of the
cons of Twitter.

So, no big damage done, and the issue seems to have been quickly
resolved, but it’s another warning for all you tweeple (a twitter
user): keep your computers clean and your Twitter passwords

Now if I was a Tweeple (a twitter user) and I wanted to re-post a
twitter message (a tweet) I would be (RT) Retweeting. It is
simply rebroadcasting someones post to my followers. Nothing
immoral about that as someone I am following may not be a
follower of the people that is following me. (I'm not even sure I
understand what I just said.) Anyways, if someone re-post one of my tweets it would help me reach a greater portion of the Tweetersphere than I might otherwise be capable of
reaching on my own.

So you ask, why would I want to reach a wider audience?

--To share something important.

--To interact with new people.

--To promote something (a product, a blog, a website, an event)
--This would be the pros of twitter.

If you want to be retweeted you must keep it short, under 120
characters and keep it funny, useful or informative.

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How To Create A Favicon For Your Blog

Favicon, what is it? A Favicon is a image that sits in front of your url in the address bar of your browser.

The advantage of creating and installing a Favicon for your
blog is you will not be forgotten when someone bookmarks
you. How many time have you bookmarked a site and the
next day you forgot all about it. Maybe in a month or so you
might come across it

Having a Favicon makes you stand out in a crowd when
someone bookmarks you. You can be seen at a glance.
It's a form of branding your site for recognition. Some
companies will use their logo for their Favicon

The first thing you must do is create an image. There are
many graphic image programs that you can use. Paint is
one that you have in your "programs" in your computer.

After you have created your image go to to generate your image to a

Most Favicons are generated in a ".ico" file but Blogger.
com does not support that file. But we do have option.

After "Icon Generator" tab.

Browse and upload your image under ("Free FavIcon
Generator and Hosting") (You have to have
host your image because the other upload will generate
a ".ico" file which Blogger .com does not support.

After you click upload you will be given a code which you
will copy and paste in your blog HTML.

The instruction to place your code in
1. Sign in to your Blogger account.
2. Click Layouts
3. Click "edit HTML" tab
4. Scroll down through the code to
5. Paste the code right under this title tag.
6. Publish your blog.

Bookmark your site first and then click on the link
in bookmark and you should see your Favicon in the
address bar.

While Internet Explore requires that the Favicon be an
".ico" file, Firefox, Netscape, and other browsers can also
display gif, jpg, and png files as Favicons.

If you do not see your Favicon in Internet Explorer,
bookmark your blog in Firefox browser first before you
feel you have made a mistake.

Favicon Video

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Email Signature

We have talked about this before but I have been asked to talk
again about the importance of an email signature.

An email signature is usually your name, your company, your
phone number and your web site. This is great to share essential
contact information, but will it really create any action.The
purpose of a signature is to drive traffic to your business.

How about including a catchy hyperlink directed to your web site
that is so curious that everyone has to click on it. Or it could be a
hyperlink to an affiliate. (You could make some money) Your
email signature is a marketing strategy that has worked for
years. What a great way to advertise your business and cost
you nothing.

When you send an email and if it is something of real interest, that
person is going to forward it to a couple of friends and what goes
with it? Your signature! With a great catchy hyperlink in your
signature, they cannot resist clicking on it andthey also forwards it
to a couple of friend and they forward it to a couple of friends and
so on and so on.

So my message here is…yes put in that essential contact
information but put that catchy irresistible hyperlink that
is going to drive visitors to your web site or make you a few
dollars through an affiliate program. Either way this is a
benefit to you.

You will be very surprise how this little catchy hyperlink as part
of your signature can work in your favor. It’s easy, simple and no
cost to you. An email signature is a great viral marketing tool... Use it.
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What is LSI?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is supposed to be an algorithm
that the search engines use to evaluate your content through
related keywords. Now there seems to be some controversy
on this topic. Some of our big Gurus’ have tested this theory
and say that it does not do a thing for your page ranking or
your keyword ranking. I’m wondering, is there such an

Whether there is such an algorithm or not you still don’t want
to stuff your content with the same keyword and get penalized.
So you really do need related keyword.

If you type your content first in Microsoft word (like I do) before
placing it on your site, you will be able to get related keywords
by right clicking on the word and scroll down to Synonyms.
Example: right click the word “ Marketing “

As you can see it suggested "Advertising, Promotion, Selling, Market
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Google Advance Search Operators

Google Operators are very seldom used and are so
misunderstood. Let me first explain who and what
these Operators are.

Google Operators are restricted research. For example:

“Site: is a Google Operator that returns the information
on the URLs they have indexed for your website. To
access it, you type in the Google search box: (Searches only your site)

Not only do you get to see the approximate number of
URLs listed with Google, you get to view all your title
tags to see if there is any duplicate issues. This is a
very important factor for SEO Marketers.

Link:” is a Google Advanced Operator that returns
pages that are linked to your site. To access it, type in
the Google Search box: (Linked pages)

"Info:" is a Google Advanced Operator that finds information
about your page.
· Show Google's cache of
· Find web pages that are similar to
· Find web pages that link to
· Find web pages from the site
Find web pages that contain the term

To access it, type in the Google Search Box: (Info about your page)

"Related:" is a Google operator that finds site that are
related to your site.
To access it, type in Google Search Box: (Related pages)

There are more Google Advance Search Operators out
there but I find these to be the ones used the most.

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