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The other day I read an article, Do We Need Another Blog for Online Marketing?” written about a class I taught “Online Business”and "Online Marketing" at my computer club, TBCS (Tampa Bay Computer Society). The article stated, "many perhaps more than half, the participants were not experienced in the prerequisites of starting an online business.
Knowing how to use common browser functions.
Having a rough business plan.
Having a vague idea about common online marketing plays."

The article also stated, “there is a runway to getting off the ground and my students were still in the hanger.”

I'm not saying these are false statements, I'm saying I realize (as it was stated) the information is too advanced for a newbie.

My blog (Seo Marketing) probably is too advanced for a newbie as well. What I need is some input from you to help me, help you.

Should I go back to the beginning and give more info for the newbie or should I continue for those who already have an online business and just need to keep up with the changing times of the WWW?

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grassapelli said...

First of all, I would say keep on keepin' on. Your blog has a clean, fresh look.

You write clearly on topics of interest to bloggers and online marketers, from newbie to journeyperson.

Anonymous said...

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SEO Expert said...


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web site prototype said...

Online marketing at present is very competitive. As you notice, there many different ways of optimizing websites today. It is advisable that businesses should increase their awareness of their website visibility on search engine. Moreover, before launching their site, it is best that it undergo web prototyping for a series of tests.

Hazel said...

I certainly believe that it's a matter of balance. Newbies and experienced alike are always looking for the same up-to-date trends in online business and marketing. I remember this Toronto web design company which offers a balanced range of services for business websites that are either just starting or are already established.

That being said, I guess you should continue with what you've been doing. It really helps anyone from any side of the spectrum.

Online Marketing Experts said...

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seo marketing said...

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Sonia Roody said...

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Clark Adams said...

Online marketing is truly popular among SMEs and big businesses. That's why SEO techniques have been used by most businesses for making their websites popular to SERP's. Aside from focusing on marketing, most business owners are aware of improving their computer systems; especially for data management. So I think having an accreditation management system in every business is advantageous for improving the needs of business.

seo said...

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SEO Pakistan said...

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PalmGeo said...

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