About Me

There are entrepreneurs and there are infopreneurs. I June Hollister am an infopreneur, which is one who financially gains from giving away information. For several years I have studied and read many books, listened to all the optimization (SEO) expert webinars, visit the Internet marketing forums, and have compiled many notebooks with so many useful resources on how to start and maintain an online business.

Because of my many past failures, and my today website marketing successes, I now qualify as an expert adviser in the how, what, when, where and the whys of starting and maintaining an online business. More and more people are entering the world of online marketing and for good reason. You no longer need to be a technical web master to build your own website and there IS money to be made.

You need to "Smart Work" which means, knowing how to proceed using the right tools in the proper order. It is important to understand, having a perfectly designed website is not all that is needed to succeed.