Google Advance Search Operators

Google Operators are very seldom used and are so
misunderstood. Let me first explain who and what
these Operators are.

Google Operators are restricted research. For example:

“Site: is a Google Operator that returns the information
on the URLs they have indexed for your website. To
access it, you type in the Google search box: (Searches only your site)

Not only do you get to see the approximate number of
URLs listed with Google, you get to view all your title
tags to see if there is any duplicate issues. This is a
very important factor for SEO Marketers.

Link:” is a Google Advanced Operator that returns
pages that are linked to your site. To access it, type in
the Google Search box: (Linked pages)

"Info:" is a Google Advanced Operator that finds information
about your page.
· Show Google's cache of
· Find web pages that are similar to
· Find web pages that link to
· Find web pages from the site
Find web pages that contain the term

To access it, type in the Google Search Box: (Info about your page)

"Related:" is a Google operator that finds site that are
related to your site.
To access it, type in Google Search Box: (Related pages)

There are more Google Advance Search Operators out
there but I find these to be the ones used the most.

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admin said...

Quite informative, are there some more operators.

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Outsource SEO said...

The advanced search operators allow you to dig deeper into specific aspects of each search engine’s algorithm. It is essential especially if you are focusing on your link campaign & competitive research.

Outsource SEO said...

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SEO Reseller said...

The "link" operator is one of the basic ways to see which sites link to yours. The "site" operator is a good way of filtering blogs when you're searching on a specific blog platform. For example, cars returns blogs about cars using the Blogger platform.

-- Man Ray

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Jacob James said...

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