Google Images and Keywords

Google Images and Your Name as a Keyword.

This is an incredible way to advertise your web site free. Google Images has billions of images indexed and available for viewing. When you search a specific keyword in the Google image search, example: "June Hollister Seo Marketer” what comes up is my picture with my blog address as shown above. Then if you click on my picture, my blog will pop up.

Now you ask why would I use my name as a keyword. Most people will search your name first before making a purchase from your web site. Visitors feel more confident that if they can see who they are giving their money to. They will then feel you are not trying to hide anything.

Also, use your name as a keyword for the organic search as well. Any website you have your name attached to will come up on page one.

Here's how it works.
You cannot submit your picture to Google Images. This is strictly Googles choice. When the spider crawls your website and after it is index, Google analyses the website and takes related keywords from the text, the image alt tag and the name of the image and index the info in their image database. (Make sure you put keywords in your text that describes your image)

Now it does not stop there. If you type in your name with a keyword and add image in Googles Natural Search Ex: “June Hollister SEO Marketer image” This is what comes up.

Now if you attach another keyword to your image you may not show up on the first page but that is OK because no one stops looking on the first page. I go at least 60 pages deep before I stop looking. The advantage of being on the first page is that they can remember where you are at if they want to return to you. Try it:

If you type in the Natural Google Search a keyword/phrase and add the word image (Ex. I am an infopreneur image) This is what pops up. If you click on my image my blog will popup.

The point I am making here is that your images are a very important part of your SEO marketing. What ever you name your images, Google is going to index them under that name and you want that keyword to be a relevant valued keyword.

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