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SEO Marketing, Optimization, (SEO), engine optimization, all the experts have different interpretations about optimization (SEO) and are often based on legitimate data. It really doesn’t matter who says what, about SEO Marketing, every factor can be disputed. It has been said that one of the reasons is what may work for one search engine may not apply for another search engine. A small example is some search engine no longer recognizes Meta tags and others still do.

SEO NEWS: Google has been developing a new algorithm for indexing textual content in Flash files.
Google Learns To Crawl Flash

Google search engine uses a complex algorithm that decides how your SEO marketing webpage that they index should be ranked.

Let me give you an Introduction To Algorithm.

Algorithm is an application designed to perform specific tasks and find solutions for given problems. In other words and among other things the algorithm will mathematically figure out from your SEO Marketing where and if at all your webpage will be ranked and for which keyword/phrases.

The Google algorithm is made up of may factors and a kept secret so people cannot manipulate them selves to the top rank.

Although I would say, seo marketing and optimization (SEO) is manipulation.

People tend to forget that Google is not only a search engine, it is first an advertising company and it is only common sense that they want the search results to give a seo report return of an authority informational website with high quality relevant content. So what’s the secret?

One of the secrets is, give Google what it wants (authority website with quality content) then Google will reward you with what you want and that would be better (SERP) Search Engine Result Position for your seo report.

You can learn a lot from the SEO marketing experts, but there really is no one technique, procedure or action that can guarantee or promise you the top rank in the search engines. But there are a lot of things you can do to greatly improve your chances.

Now I’m going to let you in on The Big Secret and its not tricks or expensive programs.

Most marketers want to rank well in the search engine for a high valued seo marketing keyword, but feel the competition is too high so they concentrate on other seo marketing techniques.

Well what they don’t know is that 95 percent of the competition has never even heard of SEO and 3 percent are making the same assumption as everyone else and are doing no Optimizing (SEO) what so ever. The other 2 percent are the SEO marketing experts.

Google has to find ten web pages to put on the first page for each search term. If there are only six optimized pages,(that would be the 2 percent) Google having no choice, has to fill the page with the next best thing. So if the first six are SEO marketing experts, that leaves position number seven up for grabs.

It is amazing how much space in the SEO marketing world that can be had only because most marketers are under the impression that it’s too difficult or that it’s too time consuming.

People fail because they look for shortcuts (I have a few students that are guilty of that) or they just can’t be bothered. And the favorite is some people have decided before they even start that it’s not going to work.

A lot of people will not believe what I am saying and will go back to their shortcuts and fail again and again and again. That is insane.

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

There are a lot of SEO marketing experts out there and if you try to go up against them, yes you will probably fail miserably, but 95 percent of the time you are competing with the average marketer who has no understanding of SEO marketing.

All you need is a basic understanding of SEO marketing to get top ranking over the majority. Remember anyone who does SEO marketing work will always beat the person that does none and 95 percent of the competition does none.

I cannot guarantee or predict the outcome of your SEO marketing but working with this information and the few factors we know of the algorithm, you can and will improve your chances of being ranked high.

So the big secret of SEO marketing is……… You have to understand it and then you have to do it.

If you choose to ignore this SEO marketing strategy, then I can guarantee that you will NEVER get the search engine rankings that you want.

If you would like a straight forward and simple step by step SEO marketing guide, then you are in the right place..... .

Let's get started
Website Marketing (Search Engine Optimization) SEO and what we think we know about it! Well lets look at the list and see if we have covered and done all that has to be done in order for the Robot to take back the right keyword/phrase you want to be ranked for.

Part One..... Onpage Optimization (SEO)
Onpage optimization is everything you do on your page to optimize it for your chosen keyword/phrase.

1. Put your keyword in your Domain Name. This helps the robot
determine what your main keyword is for that page. If your competitor
did not do this then there is a possibility your site will get listed ahead
of them for that keyword. If your Domain name is
tradercommodityb2b.com and your keyword/phrase extension is
"trader commodity advisor" then your domain name should read ........

Type in the google search … trader commodity
Type in the google search … trader commodity advisor

2. Put your main keyword in the "Page Title". Putting your keyword in

the page title confirms what your main keyword is for that page. Your
"Page Title" will appear in the blue bar above your web page. Again
if your competitor did not do this you have a good chance of being
listed ahead of him.

Note: Never put unnecessary words in your title Like ( Welcome To

My Website ) It contains no keywords. Plus it should not look like this:
--(Learn International commodity trading and Shell Screen London
Explained and Commodity Content) which does contain the main

--The title is not bad and it does contain the main keywords

(International Commodity Trading), you need to remove and
cut down on unnecessary words.

A better title (Less words & to the point)
--Learn International Commodity Trading Shell Screen London

--Replaced one of the "ands" with a I character and combine

the keywords. (holding the shift key on your keyboard and pressing
the backslash key above the enter key for this character)

3. Write a description meta tag - your Main keyword/Phrase
in it.
Putting your keyword in your description "meta tag" is not only for
the robot but is for the viewing of the searcher. If a person is
searching the keyword "Offline Pitch", you want them to spot these
keyword in your description quickly as Google will bold this
keyword phrase.

4. Include your Keyword in Header Tags. The
(<H1>, <H2>, <H3>, etc.) is a way to format text but effective header tags can increase your site ranking on some search engines. Don't confuse your Header Tags with the head (title) of your page. Header tags are in the body section of your content.

5. Make sure your keywords are in the first 250 words of content. The first words of your paragraph should be your main keyword/phrase. Place your main keyword/phrase 2 more times in the first 250 words of your content. By placing your main keywords in strategic places you are communicating with the "spider" by saying that those keywords describe your site and that's what convinces the search engines to include your site in the search result for those keywords.

6. Hyperlinks with keyword/phrase in the content. Hyperlinks are very important, inbound and outbound and should be your keywords for that page.

7. Name your images with keywords. Spiders can not index images so they skip right over them. By renaming your image with a keyword within the source code of your images, you can transform those images into spider bait.

8. Do an Image Alt Tag description with keyword. The main purpose of a Image Alt Tag is to aid people with disabilities, who cannot view the image. But it also serves as additional keywords for the search engine spiders to index.

Each post or web page will focus on its own keyword starting with the title. Optimize each page of your web site or post for 2-3 different keywords only.

10. Put your main keyword in your copyright at the bottom of page. (Ex. Copyright All Rights Reserved trader commodity)

Positioning all your SEO marketing keywords strategically as listed above is telling the Robot what keyword/phrase you want to be ranked for. The Robot will of course pick up other keywords but you have given direction and usually if the SEO marketing expert competition is not too high you will be ranked on page one for that keyword/phrase.

Remember everything is keyword driven and when you do everything right Google will love you. No cheating, spamming or tricks. When you do it right you will be rewarded. When you do it wrong you will be punished. The punishment is (The Sandbox) Only God knows when you will get out of there. Maybe a week maybe a month, maybe never.

Google rules and you must obey.

Tip: If you are designing your website with tables make sure your content table is higher then your side table as the spider reads from left to right and you want the spider to crawl your content first as this is where your keywords are.

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