Ranking Page Optimization

Page Optimization is the most powerful SEO area over which you have total control! On-page optimization is all about how you link your pages together. If done properly, it can have a significant impact -- all the more so because most companies cannot or will not make the effort.

(Important Tip)

Here's how it works: the search engine primarily knows your pages by through links and link text. Always link to a page with the same URL and try to use the target keyword whenever possible.

Example: http:// www.mysite. com or http://mysite. com choose one or the other and stick to it. Be consistent .... keyword friendly URL.

Never use parameters, ever.
http://yoursite.com/forum.php?topic=101112 ........Bad
http://yoursite.com/my-keyword-tp873736.html .....Good

All links to non-content pages, such as your "Login" page, should include rel="nofollow". This conserves your precious search engine for real content pages. Warning: highly controversial tactic!

Eg. < a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.thewebsite.com/login.html” >

When linking to external websites, always use rel="nofollow" unless you are willing to vouch for the quality of that site. Remember, a link is a "vote" for which your site is held responsible. If you link to a "bad neighbor" you will be penalized by Google. The "no follow" will prevent this.

Eg. < a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.blog-snob.com” >

A "Bad Neighbor" is a link to a website that has been penalized or banned by Google. If you have this link on your site Google has many penalties for you as well.

You can check your outbound links for bad neighbor at:


While On-page Optimization will get you indexed and is very important plus you should definitely do this, but it's not what will get you ranked high in the search engines.

Remember, the
"On-page Factors"

1. domain name
2. page title
3. meta tags
4. header tags
5. place keyword strategically in 1st two paragraphs
6. bolding, italic and underlining
7. hyperlinks with keyword/phrase in the content
8. name your images with keywords
9. do an "Image Alt Tag" description with keyword

10. put your main keyword in your copyright at the bottom of page

Off-page Optimization

It's the Off-page Optimization factors that will get you ranked high in the search engines.
Off-page optimization is what you do off your site like getting backlinks (link exchange) or inboundlinks ( oneway links directed to you) and anchor text links with your keywords from other websites to yours. That's all it is. Just get links and more links. The more the better.

The more links you have pointing to your site the more important Google sees you and will give you a higher rank. Google has placed a lot of importance on backlinks and anchor text links with valued keywords. Get LINKS more LINKS and more LINKS, LINKS, LINKS

Part Three Offpage (SEO)

A way for beginners to get links to their website and find a large amount of websites with web forms is to do the following:

1. Go to Google.com

2. Enter the following in the search bar EXACTLY as shown below:
Keyword "Please also suggest my link to the LinkPartners.com Directory" Replace the word Keyword with a keyword that relates to sites that you want to link to.

If my keyword was "women's fitness" I would type in the Google search bar, women's fitness "Please also suggest my link to the LinkPartners.com Directory"

3. Click the Google "Search" button and Google will return a long list of websites that have link submission forms for you to submit your site link. Get Links

ttp://www.linkmetro.com is a site that will allow anyone to trade links with other websites that are related to your website and are interested in trading links. Each member has a "rating" similar to an Ebay rating.

Video tutorial below will show you how to correctly propose a link exchange between 2 websites.
Demo 1 (Request a Link Exchange)

Demo 2 (Approve a link Request)
You could easily get 100s of reciprocal links in no time.

Take advantage of this Free resource now, as it may not always be free. Get Links

Link exchange software
Submitting manual link forms can be very slow and tedious. However, you can use a software that is designed to make the link exchange process easy and fast.

A priceless program called
SEO ELITE will save you a great deal of time. There is a price tag to this one , but if you can afford it, you can do a months research and sign ups in less than a few hours. http://offto.net/7qnv2f/

Offpage Factors

1. Link exchanges - Link with other websites. (This is a 2 way link) (inbound and outbound link)

2. Blogs - Leave a comment and leave your link with the comment. Make you comment something of value like some knowlege you would like to share with them. (A one way inbound link)

3. Forums - Leaving a related post and place an anchor link with keywords to your site. You need to check to see if the forums have the "nofollow tags" which tells the search engine not to follow the link. This makes the link useless in SERPs. (Search Engines Result Page) Although the link is still good for the visitors. (A oneway inbound link)

4. Article submission - Write an article and submit it to article directories. Leave a keyword anchor link back to your site. I use ezinearticle.com They are a free high ranking directory. (inbound link)

5. Directory Submission - There are free and paid directories. I use the free directories. Avoid link farm directories as you can be blacklisted or devalued by the search engines. Plus they don't work anyway. (inbound and outbound)

6. Purchase links - These techniques are looked down on by search engines but if you pay a webmaster to link to you then it is difficult for Search Engines to know. (inbound links)

The last and the best is Link Baiting which is really an on-page optimization. Link Baiting is no more than having quality informative valuable content so other webmasters will recommend your site to their visitors by linking to your site without you directly asking. Offering a tutorial, contest, free programs or anything of value that others would want is Link Baiting. (Inbound links)

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